Appoint the babysitter in the home

Expectation level of a man in the society is increased more when compared to the past years. To fulfilling such expectations they develop their potential through knowledge gaining, source of income etc.., Earning money is high task for each man and at the same time they have to balancing their family as well as the profession especially if the family having any kids the responsibility has to be added more to the representative (who are the responsible person in the family for caring children). Government decides to solve the problem through providing the facilities of working women in the factories act 1948. That is every industry in India should provide crèches, playstation, etc in the industry. But such facilities are not enough to keep the child happy and calm. So that every working woman and their family members decides to appoint the babysitter in the home. Baby sit means who cares for the child or children while the absence of parents in the home.   

Babysitting is not an easy job because each child or children have a different mindset. Many of the centres open for providing the training to the babysitters. Theoretical and experiments are possible mostly in the expecting situations only. Beyond that taking care of the children is like the “unexpected war in the country” because the child cries destroys the peace in the mind as well as the atmosphere. Patience is the essential nature needed for babysit. On that time the babysitter tries a lot to maintain their patience to reconcile the situation normal. If you have the patience to care for children, then you answer the question, how to babysit? 

Patience is very important to babysitter’s why?

Medically, children characteristics are define into four types like;

  • Physically
  • Mentally 
  • Emotionally 
  • And socially

First: PHYSICALLY: It is the stage for conceding the normal physical appearance of the child like muscle coordination, bone growth, normal diet and sleep. MENTALLY: It is the stage for answering the question of behaviour of the child like attentive, enthusiastic, fairness, more independent etc.., EMOTIONAL CHARACTERS, which means the child is bound with emotional intelligence like emotions or the child may easily wounded by some hurt words or behaviour of someone . Those kinds of children are called it as a mimosa pudica (disturbs easily by some behaviour)

And SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS means the child attached with their friends or any relatives in the family. In this attachment is more when compared with any relationship. Sometimes these characteristics are filled with a single child or it may split to each one. So identifying the child characters through their behaviour is high risk because sometimes the child reacts based on the atmospheric situation. So that the babysitter never follows the single approach to handling the child, because it is not possible for maintaining the smooth relationship to the child all the time. Identifying the child behaviour is one of the ways for how to babysit

What they noticed more:

The babysitter musty follows the basic thing s while they take care of the child: That is:

  • The place should be clean all the time
  • What kind of food the child acquire  in the stage
  • If the child’s health is normal or the child is affected by any diseases like cough, fever, injuries etc., even a single hour is enough for the babysitter to learn many things from the children. Those experiences are different from each day by each child.
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